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Welcome to Pune International Yoga Festival 2019

Pune Yoga Festival

About Yoga Festival

Our Mission

We believe that by inviting fellow yogis to practice with us here on this fragile pit of sand, which represents the ephemeral nature of existence, we can create positive energy for our community that will enable grow – which in turn will catalyze the kind of shifts we want to see in the world. We believe that yoga is a unique way to connect with other human beings from diverse backgrounds, united for a common to improve ourselves and thus contribute to our world. We are inspired by the natural beauty surrounding us, and by the strength of our yoga community here and beyond.

About Yoga Festival

An experiential and revitalizing workshop for holistic health by yoga gurus and yoga teachers of eminence. Sessions on Yoga for Stress Management, Yoga for Critical Iilments, Yoga for Women, Yoga for Researchers, Different Meditation Techniques, Dynamic Meditaation , Hasya Yoga.

Yoga Topics

   ‘Mantra Yog’
   ‘Yoga and Music ’
   'Cyclic Meditation'
   ‘Yoga for Joint Pains’
   ‘Chakra Meditation’
   ‘Shavasan ’
   'Yoga for Diabetic’
   ‘Yoga for Stress’
   ‘Yoga for Obesity'
   ‘Yoga for Beauty’
   ‘Hasy Yog’
   'Discourse and Satasang ’
   'Bhagwat Gita’

Festival Benefits

   All-round fitness.
   Weight loss.
   Stress relief
   Inner peace.
   Improved immunity.
   Living with greater awareness.
   Better relationships.
   Increased energy.


HH. Swami Govinda Dev Giri

"Human life has many dimensions like physical, social, intellectual, emotional, cultural, domestic, national and more. Today, because of cut-throat competition, speedy life and endless desire for luxurious life, these dimensions have become complicated. And it is unavoidable too. Complications in life creates stress which gives birth to physical and psychological ailments. But, science of yoga propounded by Bharatiya Rishi's is one such solution which will help make our life smooth and free of ailments and pain. Yoga is not just physical or Pranic exercises, its an art to balance and bring harmony in all human activities. In real sense, our whole life is Yoga. Yoga is a skill to act without getting strssed and without violating individual and social harmony. Hence, the holy Bhagvad Gita which is ascience of life, is called as Yoga Shashtra."

Padhmbhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkar

"It's time we look at ourselves holistically; otherwise we will have only partial or fragmented solutions to our problems. This is extremely important for our existence and specially for our health. Our ancient Rishi's looked at an embodiment in terms of five sheaths, namely AnnamayaKosha, PranamayaKosha, ManomayaKosha, VijnanamayaKosha and AnandamayaKosha. Hokistic health is defined as our wellness in all these fiveKoshas or sheaths. WHO also defines health as wellbeing of our body, mind, spirit and social awareness. Yoga is the only way of life which looks at our existence, our living and our health in thes integral and holistic manner. Thes international workshop is intended to unfolding this view through both its theory and actual practice in everyday life."

Yoga Ratna Dr. Samprasad Vinod

"Yoga can do wonders if practiced properly. It is a sure way to Holistic Health. Classical Yoga brings radical transformation in one's attitude and approach towards life. It helps reduce stress, integrate body- mind- intellect- emotions and spirit, and bring dynamic equilibrium and harmony in one's life. The Science and art of Yogahas the in-built capacity to influence the individual, family, social, global and universal life."

Padmashree Dr. Sharad Hardikar

"Yoga, ancient science for physical, mental & spiritual health has stood the test of time for thousands of years. If practiced regularly it helps in maintaining sound physical health, focused mind for concentration and surely opens the gate for spiritual heights. And hence it has to be integral part of scheme of holistic health. Ardent yoga practitioner should not look upon it merely as physical exercise. If Pranayam and meditation along with yoga are practiced regularly near perfect health is assured to Sadhak."

Mrs. Vidula V. Shende

"Yoga for Holistic health is not only a workshop but also important and beneficial to maintain health & balance in hectic routine life. The honorable speakers would guide us on topics related to health issues and Yoga benefits."

Mr. Vishwas Shende

"Learning how to bring our soul at peace can make a difference in our lives and eventually in our society. If our soul is at peace and satisfied, then only we can live a completely satisfied life. And, Yoga is one way to attain peace and satisfaction."

Dr. Milind Modak

"His interests are trekking, Indian philosophy and Suryanamaskar. He has given more than 650 lectures on the topic and has also written and compiled a book on Suryanamaskar. Other than research in alternative medicine he is also doing scientific research on various aspects of Suryanamaskar."

Dr. Ramchandra Dekhane

"Dr. Ramchandra Dekhane is an eminent Marathi author and a research scholar of saint and folk literature, welknown orater as well as a popular performing artist of Folk art 'Bharud."

Dr. Anil Jayawant

"ISO Consultant in Quality health care in the hospitals & NABH. Advisor in Hospital Management. he has extensive experience of yoga therapy, academics and research. He has participated in many national and international yoga seminars and conferences."

Pt.Vasantrao Gadgil

Journalist & Press Reporter at Sakal 1951 to 1972 Freedom Fighter for Goa Freedom Fighter in Goa, Diu & Daman Liberation Movement. Underground activities (1955-61), Inspite of Search warrant by Portuguese Government. Editor for Sharada Sanskrit Fortnightly since 1959 Editor for Mudra Marathi Monthly since 1988 more than 1000 Speeches in Sanskrit all over India & Abroad. Awarded by Hon'ble PM Narendra Modi.


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