HH Swamy Govinda Dev Giri

‘Discourse and Satasang ’

Spiritual Master
He is known for his discourses on SrimadBhagavat, Ramayan, Mahabharat and other ancient, holy books of spiritual sciences. After completing primary education in his native village, he joined TatvadnyanVidyapeeth founded by Pandurang Shastri Aathavale, who launched revolutionary socio-religious movement called Swadhyaya. His discourses are held in India & several countries Nepal, Canada, United States & Great Britain

HH Swamy Bharat Bhushann

'Bhagwat Gita, Chakra Meditation '

Yoga Expert and Spiritual Master
With many laurels under his belt, Guru Bharat Bhushanji has spoken on national and international forums as a yoga expert. Illustrious publications in India and countries like England, Japan, Russia and USA have profiled his yoga system and philosophy. With Indian and foreign media taking note of his contribution to yoga, he has chaired various committees on yoga, health, wellness and spirituality across the world.

Dr. Samprasad Vinod

‘Shavasan ’

Yoga Expert & Spiritual Master
With an extensive experience in the training, treatment and research in Yoga, he inherits a rich legacy of yoga from his father the Late MaharshiNyayaratna Vinod, who was a great Spiritual Master. He blends Indian Spiritual Wisdom with the Modern Scientific Knowledge through different activities related to Yoga. He has toured extensively across India, Europe and U.S.A. addressing various yoga forums.

HH Swamy Iyangar

'Hasta-Mudra Yoga'

He was born on 8th November 1932 at Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, Bharat. Initiated to yoga at the age of Nine from a roaming Sadhu Maharaj from Haridwar. He has published research books on (1) 'Mudra Vi gyan'; (2) 'Mudra Prapancha' and (3) 'Yoga Mudra Prapancha' in Kannada, 'The Science of Yoga Mudras' in English, 'Mudra Vigyan' in Hindi, 'Mudra Vigyanam' in Malayali and "Mudra Vigyanangal" was in Tamil languages.

HH Sadhvi Abha Saraswati

‘Mantra Yog’

Yoga Exponent
Sadhvi Abha Saraswati is an avid yoga practitioner since her age of twenty-five. Having cured her terminal kidney ailment nephritis through yoga, she has delved more and more deeply into various forms of yoga, and has become not only a practitioner but also a teacher. Sadhvi Abha took Sanyas diksha in 2003 from H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji. She lives at Parmarth Niketan Ashram where she teaches yoga practices.

Prof. Smt. Vidula V. Shende

‘Yoga for Diabetic, Yoga for Stress, Yoga for Obesity, Yoga for Beauty’

Founder Trustee - Laxmi Vyankatesh Charitable & Educational Trust, Pune, India
"Driving force behind the Pune International Yoga Festival & Dedicated Exponent of Yoga, Suryanamasakar, Sanskrit & Ayurveda "

Pt.Vasantrao Gadgil

‘Yoga - Sanskrit ’

Sanskrit Scholar
Journalist & Press Reporter at Sakal 1951 to 1972 Freedom Fighter for Goa Freedom Fighter in Goa, Diu & Daman Liberation Movement. Underground activities (1955-61), Inspite of Search warrant by Portuguese Government. Editor for Sharada Sanskrit Fortnightly since 1959 Editor for Mudra Marathi Monthly since 1988 more than 1000 Speeches in Sanskrit all over India & Abroad. Awarded by Hon'ble PM Narendra Modi.

Yogabhaskar Dr. H R Nagendra

'Cyclic Meditation'

International yoga exponent and Chancellor,
S-VYASA Yoga University

From NASA engineer to a well-known yoga exponent, Dr Nagendra's eventful journey for many decades has been all about yoga academics and therapy. Known as the yoga guru of the Prime Minister of the country, he heads a number of committees as a yoga expert. Dr Nagendra has been especially chosen by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India to spread yoga in the country. Holding a doctorate in mechanical engineering, Dr Nagendra's life is dedicated to yoga research and has many research papers and publications to his credit.

Padhmbhushan Dr.Vijay Bhatkar

‘Yoga for Researchers’

Eminent Scientist and Thought Leader
Internationally acknowledged scientist and a prominent IT leader in India, Dr Bhatkar is known as the leader, innovator, scientist, mentor and philosopher. Moving into the yoga space, he has been working towards synthesis of science and spirituality. He has launched The India International Multiversity intends to dissolve the barriers separating different disciplines of learning in the traditional education system.

Dr. Mukund Bhole


Expert Research Scholar
Soon after medical graduation in 1959, Dr.Bhole joined Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala Yoga Research Institute at Lonavla (Dist.Pune) in Maharashtra state, India as research assistant in physiology. He was deputed for higher training to AIIMS, New Delhi where he completed M.D. in physiology in 1962-63 by working on the yoga technique, 'Kapalabhati'.

Dr. Sharad Hardikar

‘Yoga for Joint Pains ’

Orthopaedic Surgeon
He is at the forefront of clinical and active research in his field. He founded Hardikar Hospital in Pune and has dedicated his life for medical research and academics. Holding various eminent positions on medical and government bodies, Dr Hardikar is also at the forefront of social work and rehabilitation. He travels across the world for various seminars and conferences.

DR. Bhaskar Khandekar

'Yoga and Music '

His dedication towards the practical implementation of music since 1993 has established him as India s First Music Therapist. Born in year 1962 in spiritual and traditional family in Jabalpur. In his Second Phase - Dr. Bhaskar Khandekar is a very peculiar Astrologer and Gems Expert. His clinical approach and guaranteed Musical Remedies through horoscope, distinguish him as an authentic and extraordinary personality in this field.

Himanshu Nanda

Music Meditation

Himanshu Nanda is an accomplished Hindustani Classical flautist and Director for Music at Chinmaya Naada Bindu – A gurukul for Indian performing arts, Kolwan, Pune, India. A noted senior disciple of the legendary bansuri maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Himanshu, humbly strives to carry forward his guru’s tradition by evolving a unique style with a dimension of quietude and subtlety that attempts to convey music as a means of spiritual sadhana for the journey within. 

Hasya Yogi Mr. Makarand Tilloo

'Hasy Yog'

Laughter Exponent
Makarand Tilloo is a professional Humourist, Hasyayoga Trainer and Motivational Speaker. He has done more than 1500 stage shows , more than 500 motivational lectures in Colleges and Schools and has conducted more than 300 workshops in corporates, Banks, Police department, Government training institutes. He is also trustee of Laughter club movement " Navchaitanya Hasyayoga Pariwar" with 127 branches and more than 10000 elderly people taking benefit of the same. He is promoting ' Hasyayoga through ' Hasayadan Foundation ' for 17 years.

Dr. Anil Jayawant

'Yoga - Clinical Establishment Act’
& 'Consumer Protection Act’

Practitioner Doctor
ISO Consultant in Quality health care in the hospitals & NABH. Advisor in Hospital Management. he has extensive experience of yoga therapy, academics and research. He has participated in many national and international yoga seminars and conferences.

Dr. Milind Modak

‘Suryanamaskar ’

Orthopaedic Surgeon
His interests are trekking, Indian philosophy and Suryanamaskar. He has given more than 650 lectures on the topic and has also written and compiled a book on Suryanamaskar. Other than research in alternative medicine he is also doing scientific research on various aspects of Suryanamaskar.

Dr. Ramchandra Dekhane


Scholar in Saint Literature
Dr. Ramchandra Dekhane is an eminent Marathi author and a research scholar of saint and folk literature, welknown orater as well as a popular performing artist of Folk art 'Bharud.' Dr. Dekhane happened to be an ''Honorary Director'' of Kirtan Mahavidyalay, Alandi founded by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai under presidentship of Shri. C. Subramanium (Ex-Governer of Maharashtra & Central minister).

Shri. Vishwas Shende

'Yoga - Management’

Founder President - Laxmi Vyankatesh Charitable & Educational Trust, Pune, India
"Driving force behind the Pune International Yoga Festival & Dedicated Exponent of Yoga, Suryanamasakar, Sanskrit & Ayurveda "