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          Head Office

Pune Internationl Yoga Festival
2/1, C-21, Aashirwad, Taljai Greens,
Pune - 411043. (Maharashtra) INDIA
Mob.:- +91.7028021969
Tel. :- 020.39631434
Email :- puneyogafestival@gmail.com
Website:- www.puneyogafestival.com


Pune International Yoga Festival
Post Kolwan, Taluka Mulshi
Pune, Maharashtra 412108
Mob.:- +91.7028021969
Tel. :- 020.39631434
Email to : puneyogafestival@gmail.com


1. Where is Chinmaya Vibhooti ?
Chinmaya Vibhooti (CV) is situated between Mumbai and Pune in India’s Kolwan village. CV is an expression of gratitude concretised in the form of a centre that spans 65 acres of serene, pictorial landscape surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountains.
The postal address is: Chinmaya Vibhooti, Post Kolwan, Taluka Mulshi Pune, Maharashtra 412108 Phone: 020 2296 00
You can view it on the map here.
2. Who is our local contact person?
In case of any queries, please contact: +91-9049296539 / 7028021871 / 020.65291183
3. How do I reach Chinmaya Vibhooti?
Chinmaya Vibhooti is approximately 41 km from Pune and 130 km from Mumbai off the Mumbai Pune Expressway. It can be approached from Hinjewadi exit and also from Chandni Chowk exit, which are on Mumbai-Pune highway. CV can be reached by bus or by car/cab.
You can view directions on the map here.From Mumbai, depending on traffic, it may take between 4-and-a-half hours by car. Likewise, from Pune, it may take an hour to an hour-and-a-half by car or cab.
Pune airport to CV: Rs 1800-1900. Up to 6 people depending on luggage in Xylo and similar cars.
From Aundh, Baner, in Pune to CV: Rs 1200–1400. Up to 6 people depending on luggage in Xylo and similar cars.
Here are three contact numbers for taxis
Kolvan: Ramesh 08888164544 Paud Gaon near Kolvan
Mumbai: Sachin 09820091916 from Mumbai to CV
Pune: Tushar 09822616414 rahurkartravels@gmail.com
4. Are there buses to Chinmaya Vibhooti?
From Swargate, Pune: to Kolvan Village: at 7 am Rs 50-60 up to CV gate.
From Mumbai: Take a bus from Shivneri/Dadar/Chembur (if you are arriving by train ) and Ville Parle (if you are arriving by air) in Mumbai and get off at Chandni Chowk (preferred). Ask the taxi (you need to hire one in advance from Pune or Kolvan; see contact numbers given above.) to wait for you at Chandni Chowk for your onward journey to CV. Taxis can be shared and must be booked in advance.
5. What will the weather be like there in January?
Temperatures in Pune in January are expected to range between 10 deg C and 20 deg C. Chinmaya Vibhooti is on the outskirts, amidst the hills, and the temperature may be a few degrees colder. It may be cold and windy even if it is 10 degrees. The winter sun can be fun. Nights will be cooler. CV will provide extra blankets if needed.
6. What sort of clothes do I need to carry with me?
Please bring some woollens and warm clothes. Some sessions may be held outdoors, where it may be breezy and chilly. You may also want to bring along something to cover your head and feet for early mornings and nights. During the day, if it’s sunny, you may not need any sweater. It is recommended that you wear layers.
Note: The venue has certain clothing restrictions. No sleeveless clothes or shorts are permitted. Stoles to cover sleeveless clothes are sometimes not adequate. This is therefore not acceptable. Participants are requested to honour the rules and sentiments of the venue.
7. Is hot water provided in the rooms?
The rooms will have running hot water only between 6 and 8 am in the morning
8. Are there mosquitoes in Chinmaya Vibhooti?
We expect that there will be a few mosquitoes in January; it would be a good idea to carry some mosquito repellent or mosquito nets if you think you will need them. Mosquito coils or incense to ward off mosquitoes are not allowed due to fire hazard.
9. What do I need to be careful about in Chinmaya Vibhooti?
The venue is a spiritual center that has its own restrictions. We request you to follow rules. Smoking, drugs, meat and alcohol are prohibited on the premises. We need to be mindful that the clothes we wear (see details in Ans. 6).
10. Which is the closest hospital in case of emergency?
The venue has a hospital on campus for emergencies. Aditya Birla Hospital in Pune is an hour away.
Ambulance: +91-20-40707777, +91-20-30717777
11. Do cell phones work in Chinmaya Vibhooti?
Mobile and internet connectivity is poor for some networks. IDEA has the best connectivity at the venue. Airtel and Vodafone do get connectivity in some areas on campus but this is not guaranteed. BSNL has low connectivity.
12. Is Internet connectivity available in Chinmaya Vibhooti?
The center does not provide Internet or Wifi. You may bring your own connections and devices, should you need Internet access during the Convention. You may purchase or bring along an IDEA 3G sim card and a suitable Internet plan.
13. Is there an ATM close by?
There is no ATM in or near the venue. You are requested to ensure that you carry sufficient cash with you for your requirements. ATMs may be accessed on arrival in Pune and Mumbai to avoid stress. nmaya
14. Are there any restrictions on movement in the evening?
There are no time restrictions because residence blocks and areas are not locked. However, please do not sit or gather near the session spaces after the sessions. There are enough spaces, balconies, terraces etc. around the residences where you may meet. There is no restriction on access to rooms by men or women.
Alcohol, drugs, meat and smoking are strictly prohibited. Owing to the zero tolerance policy of CV, persons found smoking, using drugs or consuming meat and alcohol will be asked to leave. The organisers are committed to support CV in this.
15. Are there any local shops nearby for supplies?
The nearest town is 20 minutes away from the gate and 40 minutes from the residential spaces. You may be able to procure some basic supplies at the local stores there; however, we suggest that you carry all essentials like towels, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste etc. with you. CV will provide locks against a deposit, which will be reimbursed when the locks are returned.
What must I carry with me for my stay in CV?
  • yoga mat
  • Your personal belongings, including warm clothes
  • Any medication you may need for the duration of your stay
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Toilet paper (the center does not provide any)
  • A water bottle (refillable)
  • Notebook & pen
  • Small immersion heater and a suitable mug/container for heating water for tea/coffee in your room.
  • Green tea, masala tea, coffee, vegetarian snacks/munchies
  • Tea/coffee mugs and spoons.
  • Comfortable footwear: distances between spaces in the venue are considerable.
  • A sun cap
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Torch
  • Money for immediate needs. There are no ATMs in or near CV.
What food is served in CV?
Only vegetarian food is allowed and served at CV. The request for special food requirements/needs will be passed on to CV. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, however, we cannot guarantee it. Therefore, please make arrangements to come stocked with some of your vegetarian requirements. For example, those who like very spicy food are advised to bring pickles etc. with them.
A typical meal in CV is: Rice, chapatti, dal, vegetables, pickle. Milk and yoghurt are provided on payment of Rs 10 per katori (cup).
Tea, with pre-mixed sugar, made in a dispensing machine is available. If you would like something different, please bring your own tea/coffee with you. Hot drinking water is available in containers at the dining area and near residential areas. Please bring a spoon and a cup, if possible, for your own convenience